Customer Testimonials

We sell fun for a living. Tough gig, we know. We are smart enough to realize how lucky we are to be able to turn our outdoor passions into professions. And nothing makes us feel better than hearing how we have helped you enjoy the outdoors. Below you can find what some of our customers have to say about how we are doing. We appreciate the kind words and taking the time to post them. At the end of the day, Rocktown Adventures is YOUR outdoor adventure store. We strive to improve upon your experience with us.

  • This is a long overdue review.

    "This past spring I was shopping around for a new fishing kayak. This was definitely the place that I was looking for. I tried Dicks, Cabelas and Bass Pro.. they just didn't offer the selection that Rocktown had. This store carries a wide variety of mid to high end kayaks. I ended up getting a 2016 Jackson Big Rig. I have not regretted my purchase!! The staff were patient, friendly and very knowledgeable! I've had such a blast this season with my kayak! I'll be coming here again when I get my wife one."

  • They were very friendly and knowledgeable.

    "My 14 yr old son and I went kayaking today for the first time.  We had a great time, the Fox River is a beautiful location. It was a bit windy, and the staff at Rocktown in Aurora warned us that it would be a work out (and it was). A thunderstorm was coming towards the end of our trip, I couldn't believe the staff was along the river bank waiting for us to make sure we made it back safe before the storm hit. I will definitely be returning soon!"

  • This is why I support small business.

    "Travis spent several hours explaining and then installing a kayak rack on my Subaru. His knowledge and service was exemplary. Other staff who stopped in were amazingly personable and wanted to make sure everything was as you wanted. There are also ongoing activities sponsored by the business and I hope to take advantage of them. I know they will make me feel welcome and part of the family."

  • The staff was truly great!

    "We recently did the Women on the Water guided tour and it was EXACTLY what this new mama needed! It was the perfect combination of exciting and relaxing. Our guide, Travis was as friendly and helpful as he was knowledgeable. I was nervous to go out on the Rock River since I was so custom to kayaking on calm lakes, but I am so glad that we did! The water/current was much calmer than I expected. It was just enough to give us a little help paddling downstream. The Rocktown crew not only loads everything up for you (even if you bring your own equipment), but they also transfer you and unload you when finished. The prices are very fair and affordable. I would highly recommend this unique and special way to see our beautiful city!"


First time here, second time canoeing. First time was YEARS ago down in Kankakee. This was a lot of fun. The guys are nice, helpful, give you as much info on the route you’re taking and even point out areas for potty breaks! They help you launch and give you as much direction as possible. I just recommended them to a coworker and would go again.


“Great friendly service. I will be back for some of that awesome kayaking gear!”


“Stopped in to check out what the store was all about and was welcomed by extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff.”


“I took basic kayaking with Rocktown Adventures and was very happy with the experience. I suspected that I would like kayaking and this was a great way to get a feel for it with trained professionals! Great staff, sound equipment definetely worth the investment for me!”


I had no idea Rocktown Adventures existed until today. Very friendly staff. Great brands. I am definitely jazzed to have a place like this in Rockford. Excited to visit again!


“Stopped in to make a Christmas gift exchange and was surprised to see everything from outdoor wear, to ski wax, to kayaks. Staff was helpful, answering many questions on the winter clothing.”


“Great selection of boats, paddling gear and clothing as well as lifestyle brands including Prana, Mountain Khakis etc. Super friendly knowledgeable staff. I did a guided trip today with them, great experience, look forward to doing more.”


“Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Great products. Visit often.”